Management Board

Aflofarm was established by Andrzej and Grażyna Furman, who have been working in pharmaceuticals since the early 1980s.

Andrzej and Grażyna Furman

Aflofarm's founders

On January 19, 1989 they founded Aflopa, which was initially a pharmaceuticals wholesaler. In 1991, the company decided to invest in drugs and pharmaceuticals production. Ten years later, the name was changed to Aflofarm. Since then, Aflofarm's results have been growing year to year and it ultimately became the leader of the Polish pharmaceuticals market. In 2006 Mr. Andrzej Furman handed the company over to his sons - Jacek, Wojciech and Tomasz.

Jacek Furman

Chairman of the Management Board

Wojciech Furman

Member of the Management Board

Tomasz Furman

Member of the Management Board

Bogumiła Ciszewska

Member of the Management Board

Hanna Wahl

Member of the Management Board

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