The 17th edit of "Superprodukt" competition event has come to  a wrap.  Over the years this competition has attracted a lot of publicity and attention from manufacturers and brands. The background for the event was to establish a competition to promote a fine selection and diversity of product offering in the Polish market. This year's edition hosted over 150 entrants submitted in nine categories. The jury tasked with acclaiming winners delivered their verdict on the criteria of aesthetics,  usability and innovativeness – to award three Aflofarm products.

The Świat Kobiety "Superproduct" 2023 competition is one of the most esteemed and popular accolade and the ultimate symbol of product excellence in the world of events in Poland. The awarded products must stand for  uniqueness and efficacy so that they can be  recommended to the general public by the jury  without a shade of doubt.  

"Superproducts" awards go to Aflofarm trio   This year's edit brought about a triple success to Aflofarm. In the category of "Body care - pharmacy cosmetics", the winner was iladian uro - a hygiene gel formula with licorice extract and a prebiotic to stimulate the natural skin microbiome balance thereby creating a protection against irritation. Iladian uro gel is a cosmetic recommended for people struggling with UTIs of intimate areas and the urethral opening. 

The winning product in the category of "Body care - specialist cosmetics" is Medispirant express liquid for skin - a topical liquid antiperspirant device to instantly stop excess sweating if stressed out and keep you feeling dry whenever the nonstop life takes you. Recommended especially for application on hands, face and scalp – on the ‘as-needed’ basis.  

Regenerum Regenerative lip serum SPF 50+ was voted the award winner in the category of "Facial care - pharmacy cosmetics". With its dual action it is recommended as a sun screen and a lip care product whenever exposed to harmful external factors such as sun, frost or wind. Intensely nourishes  and shields skin on the lips by forming an ultra-light protective screen to prevent stressors from causing damage.  

A trustworthy company

This year's entrants included a host of tested new-ins aligned to resonate with the trending mainstream. We like to think of these awards as a great distinction, yet at the same time a token of appreciation for our efforts to formulate our products with special care and focus for wants and needs of our clientele, which, at the end of the day, translates into awards like these.  

This award is obviously a recognition for us, the one that has proven the investment in product quality and innovativeness is much appreciated by the general audience. We are very honoured to receive this award and trust that has been put in us, says Jacek Furman, the CEO of  Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

The previous edit of the competition also recognised Aflofarm with three awards. The "Superproduct" awards were won by the OTC iladiamed and two cosmetic products in the Regenerum line - trichologic enzymatic peeling for scalp and Bioliq™ Dermo CICA Oil for scars and stretch marks. Well done!