Examedin® is the first such a modern system for monitoring blood glucose levels on the Polish market. The glucometer is dedicated to diabetics with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The system was introduced to the market at the beginning of March 2020.

Statistics indicate that more than 3 million Polish citizens suffer from diabetes. It is for them that the innovative glucometer - Examedin - was created, which is the only such product on the market to have the possibility of additional marking of:
  • Ambient temperatures during measurement         
  • Intake of drugs that may interfere with the outcome         
  • Physical effort, which has a significant impact on the measurement

- The determination of additional factors is very important both for the diabetologist and the patient. Thanks to these markings we can avoid interference with various substances, but most importantly we can eliminate the possibility of obtaining false results – explains Tomasz Wilanowski, head of diabetology division at Aflofarm. - Additional functions therefore ensure precise measurement and produce reliable results, which allow specialists to select the optimal therapy for their patients. This is a huge technical advantage over other devices currently available in Poland – he adds.

Examedin is an intuitive device suitable for users of all ages. In addition to the ability to determine additional features, the glucometer has a short measurement time (5 seconds), a wide range of haematocrit and small blood sample collection. The latter is aided by a special lancette Examedin® SAFE with a AST cap for quick and comfortable sampling from the fingertip and Alternative Site Testing.

As part of the new Examedin brand, two systems for monitoring blood glucose levels together with a free web application for PC, smartphones and tablets, have been developed. The basic Examedin® Fast system p allows you to create a database of results and reports and transfer them from the glucometer to a computer via a USB cable. The more advanced version, Examedin® FAST PRO, connects wirelessly to the mobile application, allowing you to transfer the results and save them on an ongoing basis, creating a self-control log available on the phone.

The launch of the glucometer was accompanied by the premiere of an instructional film entitled "Blood glucose testing, step by step" aimed at educating patients and their families on the proper performance of blood glucose measurement. Patronage over the project was taken by SED - Association for Diabetology Education, and the supervision over the film was taken by Beata Stepanow, President of the Association.

Examedin® FAST and Examedin® FAST PRO glucose meters are manufactured according to the GMP standard (guarantee of compliance of manufacturing conditions with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice) and have been recongized with the TUV certificate (International Safety and Quality Guarantee Certificate) as well as EN ISO 15197:2015 certificate, which provides measurement accuracy standards for blood glucose monitoring systems. Thus, the systems meet all the latest requirements in accordance with the recommendations of the Polish Diabetological Society and the European Commission.

Examedin glucometers and dedicated tests strips are issued to diabetics by medical personnel. They can be purchased in pharmacies or at www.examedin.com. Test strips for glucose meters are issued upon prescription, which is not needed, however, in case of buying them through the manufacturer's website.