Aflofarm has been working for corporate social responsibility through two foundations - the local "We Love Pabianice" and the nationwide "Aflofarm Foundation". Now, one of the largest Polish pharmaceutical companies has become a Strategic Partner of the Responsible Business Forum - an association whose aim is to promote CSR standards and develop this concept in Poland.

The Responsible Business Forum is the oldest and largest non-governmental organization in Poland that deals with the concept of corporate social responsibility in a comprehensive manner. The association was founded in 2000, has the status of a public benefit organization. FOB conducts numerous activities enabling dialogue and exchange of experience in the field of responsible business and sustainable development between companies, representatives of public authorities, non-governmental organizations and the academic community.

Currently, over 50 companies - leaders of corporate social responsibility are partners of the Responsible Business Forum. We are glad that Aflofarm joins this group. Cooperation in the FOB Partnership Program is the experience and knowledge that companies gain, but also share them with other companies, as well as their stakeholders, increasing awareness of their environment in the field of CSR and building a more sustainable future. This is an expression of the company's maturity and readiness to accept a certain responsibility for the development of the CSR concept in Poland - says Marzena Strzelczak, general director of the Responsible Business Forum.

Aflofarm implements all activities in accordance with the slogan "On the side of health". This also applies to corporate social responsibility. The overriding goal of the company's activities in this area is the promotion of pro-health prophylaxis and a healthy lifestyle, as well as the promotion of knowledge in the field of pharmacy and medicine. The company accomplishes these goals thanks to the nationwide "Aflofarm Foundation" and the local "We Love Pabianice", which works for the benefit of the Pabianicki poviat. Only in 2017, the company and its foundations spent over PLN 1 million on CSR activities.

The success of Aflofarm and the leading position on the OTC (non-prescription) market in Poland meant that in 2017 Aflofarm extended social activities also on a national scale. It was for this purpose that the "Aflofarm Foundation" was established, whose task will be primarily the implementation of nationwide prevention campaigns. At the beginning of the year, the Foundation carried out the first anti-smoking social campaign called "Do not Burn at Startup". As part of it, an educational film aimed at young people was created, created together with the Discovery television. The ambassadors of the campaign were Izabella Krzan, Maciej "Gleba" Florek or the Sisters of ADiHD.

"The success of our campaign has convinced us that such projects can have a real impact on the choices of young people. Our promotional spot was broadcast on all TV stations in the country. According to the analysis of our media house, the spot reached up to 60% of Poles in the commercial group, and only over half a million users watched it in the first weeks after the premiere. We are already thinking about the continuation of our campaign and the implementation of subsequent activities. The scale of our undertakings in this area is constantly growing and hence the decision to join the Responsible Business Forum", says Tomasz Furman, President of the Aflofarm Foundation.

Campaign No Burns at the Start is still ongoing - currently there is a competition for students for the best anti-smoking film. The campaign has been under the patronage of the Minister of National Education, the State Sanitary Inspection, the Institute of Oncology Center and the National Institute of Public Health in Warsaw. More information about it can be read at