AS of April 2021, Aflofarm Farmacja Polska Sp. z o. o. - the pharmaceutical market leader in OTC products segment, joins the ranks of Kosmetyczni.PL - the only organization in Poland that represents and supports strategic goals of entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry exclusively.

Aflofarm is a dynamically developing Polish family company, operating in the health care sector for over thirty years. Being the promoter of such brands as Regenerum, Bioliq, RedBlocker, Medispirant, Iladian, DX2, Silcatil, Aromactiv, Aflofarm is also the leader in the dermocosmetics category (data for January 2021 according to PEX).

- It is with great appreciation that we join the Polish Association of Cosmetics Industry. We hope to exchange knowledge in legal and technical aspects, as well as participate in active monitoring of industry legislation and influence its final shape. Membership in Kosmetyczni.PL also provides us with potential to strengthen the industry's contact network - asserts Hanna Wahl - Member of the Board at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

Aflofarm began its first experience on the cosmetics market in 1995. Now, the company's portfolio includes 34 cosmetic brands, comprising a total of 132 products. The main distribution channels incudes pharmacies, selected drugstores, and e-commerce. Aflofarm's key cosmetic brands - Regenerum and Bioliq - have repeatedly won the Excellence of the Year competition organized by Twój Styl, or SuperProdukt award by Świat Kobiety. Aflofarm is intensively developing sales on foreign markets, thanks to which the company's products can be purchased in 30 countries around the world.

- Customer satisfaction is a key value for us in cosmetic product development. Our team, made up largely of women, performs the first verification - says Hanna Wahl.

By joining the Kosmetyczni.PL group, Aflofarm also signs the Code of Ethics, an important element of which are recommendations concerning advertising. The Code of Ethics obliges member companies to observe good cosmetics advertising practices, which are respected by Aflofarm in its promotional activities.

- It is very important for us that even in such a difficult pandemic reality more companies join our organization. This confirms that the daily efforts of our team, focused on supporting the current activities of companies, technical-regulatory projects and building the image of the industry, brings real business benefits to cosmetics manufacturers. Aflofarm's membership is all the more gratifying because the company constitutes a leader in the dermocosmetics segment. The resulting knowledge and experience will definitely allow us to jointly implement actions that will contribute to the development of the entire cosmetics industry in Poland - emphasizes Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown, CEO of Kosmetyczne.PL.

The Polish Association of Cosmetics Industry, as the only organization in Poland, represents and supports the strategic goals of entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry exclusively. Since 2002, it has been an active voice of the sector in the legislative process. It cooperates on a daily basis with Polish and European administration institutions, and together with its member companies, it works out and implements solutions leading to the development of the Polish cosmetics market, which is now the 5th in the European Union. The Association belongs to Cosmetics Europe - the European branch organization and to the Lewiatan Confederation. The organization also serves as a platform for experience exchange - it educates and trains companies, raising the quality of the whole sector. The association brings together over 200 companies, including cosmetics producers and distributors, laboratories, consulting companies and educational centers, as well as their partners in the sector - suppliers of packaging and raw materials.