In the next few days as many as 6,000 pharmacies in Poland will be equipped with medical visors, antibacterial gels, information posters for Patients, as well as treatments for damaged hands, and sweets. The #aflofarmpostroniefarmaceuty initiative is about to start.

During the current coronavirus pandemic, Aflofarm Farmacja Polska decided to launch help for the medical services throughout Poland. The company wishes to focus mainly on pharmacists, because they are the ones who every day stand on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus and ensure the medical safety of Poles.

As part of the #aflofarmpostroniefarmaceuty campaign, each of the 6,000 pharmacies will receive the necessary means to protect themselves against infection: 3 protective visors, 3 antibacterial gels as well as 3 regenerative treatments for damaged hands in the form of gloves.

Within the packages, pharmacists will also find information posters for Patients visiting the pharmacy. The posters explain in a clear way how to behave properly in the pharmacy to do the necessary shopping in a manner that will be safe for oneself and others. Hanging in the entrance window, they will certainly help organize daily work, reminding Patients of the basic principles. The guidelines on the posters will contain principles that are recommended by the Ministry of Health.

- We keep a close eye on what is currently happening in the country and we are fully aware of how much effort a pharmacist's work currently requires. Our action serves as an expression of care and recognition of this hard work. We will always stand on the side of health and pharmacists - asserts Jacek Furman, President of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

In each of the 6,000 packages there will also be a chocolate box included in order to sweeten the pharmacists' lives in this hard time. The gifts should reach the pharmacists by the end of this week.

- Since the very beginning of the pandemic, we have been working intensively to improve the health comfort of many millions of Poles, so any form of help that goes to pharmacies and protects pharmacists from infection deserves to be appreciated. This is an important gesture of solidarity, thank you for your support - comments Elżbieta Piotrowska-Rutkowska, President of the Supreme Pharmaceutical Council.

The #aflofarmpostroniefarmaceuty campaign constitutes another means of help provided by Aflofarm Farmacja Polska to medical services in Poland. The "We love Pabianice" Foundation, previously owned by Aflofarm, decided to support the Pabianice Medical Center by providing a modern ventilator for intensive medical care.