We couldn’t be prouder to say that since the outbreak of war in Ukraine Pabianice-based Aflofarm Farmacja Polska has made continued efforts to provide humanitarian support.
And again, we gladly donated aid of nearly 2m PLN, the overall aid totalling 6.5m PLN in the ballpark figure!

In face of still daring needs of people affected by the war crisis in Ukraine, Aflofarm made another aid campaign. This time, our family company from Pabianice donated products worth nearabout PLN 2 million. Thanks to the support of the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves, the necessary essential cosmetics and medical devices will reach Ukraine. In this way, another consignment of over 120,000 units of products left the pharma warehouses of Aflofarm.

We do not intend to turn the blind eye or remain indifferent to the fate of Ukraine still at the state of war. With military actions pending the needs of people suffering from deficiency of essentials, sad to say, are nowhere near the end. Since health care is at the core of our values, we have once again decided to provide assistance - says Jacek Furman, President of the Management Board of Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

As the manufacturer of medicines and pharmacy cosmetics we got actively involved in humanitarian aid for Ukraine since the onset of war conflict. Both cash and product donations provided by Aflofarm to date totalled PLN 6.5 million to date. We keep providing assistance and aid to those in need both in Poland and in Ukraine to express our solidarity with Ukraine and the cause they are fighting for. Extending these two forms we keep supporting our employees' family members fleeing the war to arrange for safe refuge and life in Poland including vacancies and job openings with Ukrainian refugees in mind. We have also paid 2,000 PLN individual bonus to our Aflofarm-employed Ukrainian staff members if they feel they would need or wish to financially support their relatives or to pay for whatever it takes to bring their families safe to Poland. Given all the perturbation, anxiety and trauma the war brought onto people across Europe, we understand that some of our employees would appreciate mental support - especially those for whom the events of that time have turned into a personal drama.

Last year Aflofarm established a makeshift warehouse where all kinds of things and stuff were collected by our employees to further support the Ukrainians on a need-to-need basis. And last but not least, being a leading pharmaceutical business we ceased business relations with Russia as a token of solidarity with the cause.

Our active engagement and commitment to supporting the bravely fighting Ukraine people have been recognised. Aflofarm Farmacja Polska was awarded the prestigious ‘2022 Vector of the Heart’. The statuette was awarded in recognition of the company's remarkable and outstanding work and contribution to humanitarian activities beyond the eastern border.