For years, the Regenerum brand has been responding to the needs of women by taking care of the condition of their nails, skin, hair or feet. This time Aflofarm's portfolio has been expanded with a cosmetic from the nail products category - Regenerum hardening regenerating serum.

Regenerum hardening regenerating nail serum creates a shield on the nails and thus protects them from damage. Thanks to an adhesive resin, it protects them from external factors and mechanical injuries, effectively preventing cracking, crumbling and splitting of the nail plate.

The serum was enriched with vitamins C, E and F and a complex of minerals that not only nourish and make nails more flexible but also rebuild the nail plate stimulating its growth and regeneration. What is more, algae extract intensively moisturizes and indicates antioxidant properties.

The serum stays on your nails for up to 7 days leaving them smooth and shiny. The cosmetic can be used alone or as a base coat under color polish.

Regenerative hardening nail serum is another product from the Regenerum family. The award-winning brand currently includes 13 products from the dermocosmetics category.

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