Aflofarm, the leader of on the OTC drug market in Poland, introduces a product novelty - DX2lek intended for treatment of androgenic alopecia in men.

Androgenic hair loss constitutes the most common cause of alopecia and affects about 70% of men in different periods of their lives. The disease occurs at varying degrees, yet it affects most men over 40 years of age. Nevertheless, it can occur much earlier if the patients suffered from seborrhea or dandruff in their youth.  

Alopecia increases in cases of stress, poor diet and stimulant consumption, yet the genetic factors are also of crucial importance. This process can be successfully stopped and, most importantly, its effects can be undone. For this purpose, we have prepared a fluid, dedicated to men suffering from androgenic alopecia.  

DX2lek is a product containing the active substance minoxidil (1 ml contains 20 mg of minoxidil). The substance effectively inhibits hair loss, and most importantly, it also affects the growth of new hair. The manner of application is simple - just rub 1 ml of the liquid twice a day into the scalp, in places particularly affected by alopecia. The product is placed in a convenient bottle, and the spray form makes its application even easier. DX2lek is dedicated to men from 18 years of age.