Aflofarm intensively develops its product portfolio. 10 new items have been added to the company's product group over the past months, including two OTC drugs.

Aflofarm's OTC drug line has been expanded by two products: inVirum and Bravera Control. The first one is a medicine in tablet form used to treat people with recurrent lip and face herpes or external genital herpes caused by the herpes virus (Herpes simplex). The medicinal product may only be used in patients with a history of herpes virus infections.

1 tablet contains 200 mg of acyclovir, which inhibits the multiplication of the Herpes simplex virus and accelerates the healing process of skin lesions1.

The second novelty in the OTC drugs segment is Bravera Control - the only drug for premature ejaculation available without a prescription in Poland2. The product is available in a skin aerosol form, which is highly comfortable for the patient. The product contains lidocaine - an active substance which has been used in medicine for years. The local anesthetic effect of Bravera Control is responsible for reducing penis sensitivity to the touch and thus delaying ejaculation.

- At Aflofarm, we focus on modern therapeutic solutions that provide patients with additional benefits from the drugs they use. In the case of Bravera Control, the advantage of the product is its form - the spray provides a comfortable, discreet and, above all, accurate manner of application – explains Jacek Furman, President at Aflofarm Farmacja Polska.

News in the non-rx category

The review of novelties that appeared in the company's portfolio within the food supplement category starts with HydroOptima Senior. It is a product aimed at supporting optimal hydration of the elderly. The product contains essential electrolytes, but has a low sodium and glucose content, which is particularly important for people with hypertension and elevated sugar levels. In addition, it contains grape seed extract, which supports proper blood flow in the lower limbs.

Slimperfect – a product dedicated to women who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms while maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails. The supplement contains as many as 3 ingredients that supporting weight loss3 along with hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, collagen protein hydrolysate, biotin and field horsetail extract, which support the proper condition of hair, skin and nails. The latest novelty from the non-rx category is Raphamisan plus, a product with a double effect – it supports the liver and eliminates gases. The product contains plant extracts that help maintain healthy liver, support the secretion of digestive juices as well as the help eliminate excess gases from the body.

New products have also appeared in the cosmetics segment. These include Medispirant bloker spray - a specialist anti-perspirant that effectively blocks the secretion of sweat for long, has an antibacterial effect and protects the skin against the formation of unpleasant odors. The product has an odorless formula and contains neither alcohol nor parabens.

Another item is the specialist toothpaste Noctodyne. It is recommended for use at night, and comprehensively protects the enamel and gums. Its ingredients provide effective antibacterial and strengthening effects on teeth and regenerating and soothing effects on irritated gums.

There are also new products in the Bioliq 65+ line. Among them is the Intensive rebuilding eye, lips, neck and décoletté cream which contains natural moisturizing ingredients that accelerate the cell rebuilding process and stimulate the regeneration of delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes and lips. Plant extracts contained in the cream stimulate microcirculation and ensure an anti-edema effect, reducing shadows and so-called bags under the eyes. Another novelty is the Intensive rebuilding day cream which stimulates natural skin regeneration processes. Hyaluronic acid contained within clearly increases the level of skin hydration, reduces its dryness, roughness and tension. What is more, argan oil - rich in unsaturated fatty acids - found in the product supplements deficiencies of lipids and ceramides in the skin. The latest novelty of Bioliq 65+ is the Intensive rebuilding night cream. Its ingredients lighten discolorations and soothe irritations, thus reversing the negative effects of external factors. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it retains water molecules in the epidermis as well as restores proper moisture and nourishment of the skin.

The above review constitutes only an announcement of this year's novelties in Aflofarm's portfolio - further implementations of medicinal products, including those in the Rx category, are already underway.

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3 Bitter orange fruit extract, Gymnema sylwestre leaf extract, prickly pear powder.