New OTC medicine  in Aflofarm product portfolio -  iladiamed with octenidine dihlochloride and phenoxyethanol as active substances. Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Microorganisms are destroyed just 1 minute after application 1.

Use iladiamed gel:
− within and inside reproductive female and male organs, also for vaginal infections and balanitis (penis glans disease);
− for repeated, short-term antiseptic treatments of mucous membrane and adjacent tissues before and after diagnostic procedures carried out within reproductive organs and anus, including vagina, vulva or penis glans and as a pre-treatment of bladder catheterisation procedure. This medicine is suitable for adults and adolescents.
The packaging features a convenient-to-use dispenser for easy application. 1 g of gel contains octenidine dihlochloride 1 mg and phenoxyethanol 10 mg.

[1] Pursuant to 5.1 SmPC (ChPL)