The Excellence of the Year Awards, recognised by profession, aims to promote and reward excellence in skincare industry. It was established in Poland by Twój Styl magazine that has recognised skincare excellence across a range of categories over the past years to become one of the most prestigious competitions in Poland. This edit was 28th and was one of the most successful to date.  

Aflofarm, the winner of two trophies in this year’s edit, sweeps up Excellence of the Year Award in skincare with Bioliq Photostable vitamin C and niacinamide serum voted the best cosmetic product in the category of ‘pharmaceutics: skincare cosmetics. Further to the coveted award Aflofarm was the recipient of a prestigious Excellence of the Year Award in the category of ‘Polish cosmetic products: skincare cosmetics’ with the Oxygenetic brand, leaving the highly esteemed accolades of outstanding products and brands far behind.

Beyond excellence

The winner of the “Excellence of the Year” title was awarded to signature Bioliq range cosmetic product – Photostable vitamin C and niacinamide serum to resurface skin texture for healthy look. This photostable formulation infused with niacinamide to brighten and lighten dark spots teamed up with Sodium Ascorbic Phosphate, the sodium salt of ascorbic acid naturally occurring form of topical Vitamin C which penetrates through skin deeper into dermis and converts into its most active form – ascorbic acid stimulates collagen and ceramide synthesis. This serum fades pigmentation to even out skin tone for lightened, porcelain-like skin tone effect.

The other award won by Aflofarm went to Oxygenetic – the range of state-of-the-art antidote brand formulated with advanced synergism-based technology featuring high performance minerals, synbiotics to form a protective barrier for balanced skin microbiome, youth-boost Vitamins C and A and plant extracts to take skincare routine to the next level. This Oxygenetic range is a true game changer in skincare which redefines active skincare with a selection of actives which revive, oxygenate and energize at the cellular level. The brand is all about the revolutionary synergetic effect, the symbiosis of an unparallel selection of actives for optimal skincare tailored to the demands of modern life. The Oxygenetic brand entails three ranges: fancy and functional Oxygenetic Energize created to make the revitalising and reviving skin the best it can be with effect living up its name. Oxygenetic Relift to embrace active ageing, the process that is natural and now can be reversed. And Oxygenetic Acid Peel, the acid packed, science backed skincare to help bolster skin microbiome, promoting healthier looking and happier skin. Created to protect skin against environmental stressors and keeps skin feeling superbly awakened.

All three ranges comprise 11 cosmetic products to find a unique combination that will suit one’s needs the best possible way as skincare is never one-size fits all.

Aflofarm cosmetic products among top most trusted cosmetic brands. When  skincare splurges are totally worth their price, equally as sleek and supreme quality     
Aflofarm signature cosmetic brands offer prime quality cosmetic products for women who value best luxury  daily skincare products made from the highest quality ingredients. They feature the top-selling  skincare products of Bioliq, Regenerum and RedBlocker widely recognised by consumers and the profession with the panel of experts and specialists whittling down hundreds of entries from the Polish market and judging the awards to find the winners in respective categories. 

We are a very proud to say that it is a great honour to be recognised year on year for the part we play in keeping skin beautiful with Woman’s World magazine Super Product Award, Twój Świat Magazine Excellence of the Year Award, Your Style Editor’s Pick Prodigy Award,  among others.   This year’s was 28th Twój Styl’s edit of the Excellence of the Year. I was hosted by a panel comprising an actress Agnieszka Grochowska, a singer Anna Maria Jopek, an actress Magdalena Cielecka, jazz vocalist Urszula Dudziak, editor in chief of the  Twój Styl magazine beauty column Ewa Sarnowicz,  publisher of Twój Styl magazine Monika Krokiewicz and a dermatologist Elżbieta Kowalska-Olędzka.